Author: The V Team


AGRITECH, ROBOTICS + AUTOMATION through our Viola Initiative leverages our family’s work with the world’s leading robotics and drone manufacturers. Our BOXPODS platform help growers and stakeholders increase yield, lower water and fertilizer usage, and strengthen food supply chains. AGRITECH + ADVOCACIES for LANDOWNERS, GROWERS By introducing new technology whether in robotics or automation, as […]


BRAND ASSET TRANSFORMATION | Our family’s long history of travel and involvement in the hospitality industry continues to this day. We have worked with Marriott, Intercontinental, Hilton, and Hyatt hotels worldwide and are now introducing popups and kitchen takeovers leveraging the benefits of robots, smart mesh and edge technology, and proprietary artificial intelligence (mv, nlp, and […]


SM MALLS, AYALA MALLS: SHARP, PHILIPS, TOSHIBA — From manufacturer-led rollouts to distributor and ad agency collaborations, various social impact camapigns were produced at the world’s largest malls that helped tens of thousands of families affected by the devastating effects of natural disasters and man-made calamities. BRAND ASSET TRANFORMATION: HOWARD HUGHES (SEAPORT NYC, HOUSTON) — […]


TRAVEL + HOSPITALITY Rose and her Property Management Team works with Spain’s Meliá — 1 of the country’s leading operators of luxury properties and the 17th biggest hotel chain worldwide — in providing the best facility, asset management platforms available utilizing OnDemand Workforce Solutions. AGRITECH + FARM-to-TABLE Dr Máximo Viola studied in Universitat de Barcelona for […]