The Viola Initiative is our endeavor to be true to Maximo, Bienvenida, and Laura Viola’s legacy that embodies their love for travel, hospitality, and property management.

Five Generations in Property, Culinary, and Risk Management

I have helped open new restaurants for Hilton and re-launch 1 of the country’s oldest hotels for Life House Hospitality — and the 1 thing both experiences share is the need to make sure service is best, and the quality is assured.

Culinary Lead and Hospitality Executive Blaze Viriña oversees our OnDemand Workforce Solutions for hotels, restaurants, casinos and resorts that provide Back-of-House support staff and automation assets.


Restaurant Portfolio: 5th Oldest Restaurant in US

Asset Management and New Property Rollouts

Our Augmented Hospitality portfolio delivers a 10% or more reduction in operating costs that also lays the baseline for increasing year-on-year revenue by 15-25% based on campaigns we have done for Hyatt, Howard Hughes Hospitality, and other property clients.

Property and Hospitality Lead Taylor Burr Viriña on his robotics and property tech rollouts in the US — Hilton Garden Inn, Hyatt House, etc. — as well as transforming data assets into actionable insights through our proprietary AI and RaaS platforms.
Restaurant Portfolio: New Opening, Houston TX

PropTech and CleanTech

We are able to offer client partners a 10% reduction in OPEX through a specifically designed Service-as-a-Solution platform that (1) cuts down energy costs, (2) augments staffing requirements while also (3) safeguarding continuity of operations 24/7/365.

At the end of the day, we make sure our client partners are operating when others can’t. And whether it’s robots, staff, or guests — everyone needs electricity. The symbiosis comes hand-in-hand which is why we have expanded our Hospitaltity portfolio with our CleanTech initiative.

Managing Director and RIsk Management Lead Kyle Viriña and the Viola Initiative’s strategic partnerships with EV, PV, Robotics, and PropTech firms in Asia, Europe, and the US.

Portfolio: Property Partnerships and Fleet Management Solutions