OnDemand Workforce Solutions via BPO, Remote Teams

Staff Augmentation: Hilton – HGI (Texas)
OnDemand Workforce Solutions: Golden Nugget

OnDemand Workforce stems from our proven portfolio servicing properties — hotels, restaurants, multi-purpose facilities — with both onsite/online staff and onsite robots.

Whether it’s a Hilton Garden Inn property management company, a Hyatt Place owner-operator, or a Simon Malls shop owner, give us a ring and we can share how our solutions increased efficiencies and sales by 10%+ YoY.

Viola Initiative Managing Director Kyle Viriña on how Small-Medium sized Businesses can increase revenue and efficiencies while ensuring onsite employee engagement and safety.
Remote Teams: Paolo, Graphic Designer
Remote Teams: Pem, Virtual Assistant
Remote Teams: Maro, Quality Assurance Manager

With close to 5 years of Work From Home and Hybrid teams management, our team has steadily leveraged SOPs with the latest AI and Cloud Platforms currently available in the market.

Maro Estores on Remote and #WFH Teams supported by our proprietary Predictive and Prescriptive AI, Natural Language Protocol, and AIoT property technology.
J1 International HRM Interns (Seasonal, Golden Nugget Casino Resort)

smb focus/ Hospitality and Travel

Our 20-person Boutique Staffing Advisory is able to support non-flag hotel owner-operators, property management firms, and FOH/BOH Directors as we have done for 5+ years with Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, and Marriott in the US and Asia.

smb focus/ Distributors and Dealerships

  • Collaborate with distributors on-the-field to support robot onboarding, account management, and maintenance/repair
  • OnDemand Solutions for Car and EV, Equipment (AGV, AMR) and AgTech Operators, and Deliverybot Distributors
  • Available Staffing: Inbound/Outbound Sales, Product Engineers, Electricians
Onsite Robot Onboarding for TX Restaurant Client

smb focus/ Physician Offices and Dental Clinics

Considering our Family Patriarch was a physician, it was only natural for our Viola Legacy Campaigns to continue Dr Viola’s commitment to public health and supporting medical – dental professionals for the past 5 generations.

Give us a call or drop us a ping and we can share our in-depth case studies of OnDemand Healthcare Workforce Solutions for Univ of Texas – Medical Branch, pediatric and dental offices across the US, Dept of State Health Svcs, and the most recently for the pandemic the Center for Disease Control’s local outreach programs.

Medical Center, Hospitals: 24/7 HSKP Staff Augmentation with Cleaner Robots

At the end of the day, no matter whether the product is a hotel room or the service is a hospital stay — no matter how strong the brand is — if we’re unable to assure the great client experience every time, that’s an issue.

That’s why QA/QC is critical.

Maro Estores has over 15 years of managing Quality Assurance, Sales, Call Support, Workforce Mgmt, and Back-of-House Operations for AMEX Travel Services, FlightCentre.com, and Expedia. Her leadership and managerial track record at WNS, Alorica, and ResultsCX is the foundation to her professional management of 365ph‘s Remote Teams.

OnDemand Workforce Solutions: Team Members + Robots Helping Each Other