We help sports stadiums and gaming arenas with front-of-house guest engagement + activations; while ensuring back-of-house efficiency + profitability.




06/2024: FundLife and #MoveLuzon Team + Partners
Stadiums and Multi-Purpose Facilities: US and Asia
Hotels, Restaurants: RaaS Rollout at Sports Centers
Toyota Center (RaaS at NBA, #1 in US)
Sports Centers, World’s Largest Malls: RaaS, CleanTech Rollout

We are committed to FundLife’s Dreams In Colour and GirlsGotThis programs that support at-risk children, their families, and their communities through sport and the design-build of safe spaces and learning centers.

BFG Project Leads Taylor Burr Viriña and cofounder-brother Blaze Madison Virińa on how being young athletes growing up in Boracay Island and Manila in The Philippines developed their love for basketball, football, and gaming.
Entrepreneurs for Impact: Campaigns for Adidas, FIFA, and Beyond Sport
Social Impact Investing


The Philippines is 1 of the Top 5 markets for the NBA and considers basketball its most favorite sport. The country also has been a historic launch pad for over 70+ years for market rollouts for the world’s Top Fortune 100 brands (Gatorade, Nike, and Under Armour).

Ground-breaking, first-to-market Automation and Robotics programs for the NBA, University and Campus initiatives.
PropTech driven Smart Stadiums and Clean Energy Electrification projects for EV, PV, and Robotics


Our key organizational and outreach partner #DreamsInColour and #GirlsGotThis has been recognized by FIFA at the World Cup, Adidas, and many more brand supporters for its award-winning work in football.

As a competitive soccer player in the US when I was a student to being Executive Sous Chef running the country’s oldest pub, I’ve always witnessed the tremendous impact football has with its audiences.

Our Augmented Hospitality platform brings together the need for Front-of-House activations with its seamless Back-of-House team support to deliver a powerful and eco-friendly experience to football stadiums, campus arenas, and its communities for localized social impact outreach.


Whether it’s for TwitchCon or the world’s 1st medaled Esports event of SEA Games to team management/BoH support, BFG’s portfolio provides sports and gaming orgs modular platforms for increased efficiency and maximized reach.

Give us a ping and learn more of how we can help your team, your property, and your community leverage AI and Digital Twin driven Campaigns with our key audience segments as we have done for Chase Corporate Challenge, the World Cup, and the Olympics.

7+ years in Esports and Gaming working with FOH-BOH teams across the US and SE Asia.

The Viola Initiative is a portfolio of clean energy and mobility projects in which 100% of distributed profits go to good causes, as well as developing resources to help kids deal with adversity.

Organizational beneficiary FundLife Intl. (founded in 2015) and its #DreamsInColour has achieved 60,000+ direct engagement and learning hours, 780 teachers and youth leaders up-skilled, 200+ youth empowerment festivals delivered, and 14 schools adopting the FundLife curriculum. is an action-led movement that combines the power of play and innovative education to help the world’s most vulnerable girls stay in school, receive a quality education and create dignified employment opportunities for themselves and their communities. The Viola Initiative works in collaboration with FundLife cofounder Marko Kasic’s #MoveInColour platform — a collective movement that aims to protect, educate, and empower young people. With both the FundLife and GirlsGotThis programs as our impact investment focus, much-needed support for children, their families, and their communities is possible through the CleanTech, PropTech, and AgTech initiatives of our partner companies.

05/2024: @Bali and #MoveInColour — Sports Driven Campaigns
Sharp Electronics: Social Impact + Branded Activations w Community Outreach