Hong Kong, Viola Legacy Initiatives • 1946-2024+

Maximo’s niece, Laura Viola, would leave the Philippines and start her family in Hong Kong. For 20 years, Kowloon would be home and lay the foundation of our family’s overseas diaspora bringing us across 4 continents. And 70 years later, our first Property-driven Robotics-as-a-Solution project would rollout in HK’s very first Smart Hotel.

HK – Macau Property Rollouts
Laura’s grandson Kyle on our 1st servicebot rollout at Central HK followed by robot launches in Macau’s casino-resorts in 2019.
Pudu Robotics | 普渡科技
OrionStar Robotics | 猎户星空

The Peninsula Hong Kong (TNM)
The Peninsula HK Newsroom (TNM)

Smart Cities and PropTech driven Clean Energy

DeepBlue AI and Property Management Solutions for Travel-Hospitality
Managing Director Kyle Viriña and the Viola Initiative’s Cancun-Houston-Hong Kong Travel Hospitality Property campaign

Hong Kong’s Largest Ethnic Group: 200,000 Filipinos and #DreamsInColour Campaign

Robotics and the Philippines’ RaaS Integration at the World’s Fastest Growing Brands
Property Development, Smart Homes Initiative and Hong Kong – Philippines Partnerships