Solutions: Residential

Lowering Costs

Our team has helped Electronics, Tech, and Lifestyle brands connect and support households for over 20 years through activations and sales programs. Whether at HOA sponsored events or at Invite-Only branded engagements, we enable cost effective rollouts of new products and services in the market.

From EV to Solar, our clean energy initiative enables properties, estates, and multi-housing units lower costs while doing our share of protecting the planet for the next generation.

EV: Hotel-as-a-Hub

Smart Home, Green Living

Our Clean Energy partners with the world’s best-selling brands serviced by the country’s most experienced dealerships offer home owners and property operators the best-in-class support to making your home the most energy-efficient from today’s costly — and unpredictable — electric grids.

The Viola Initiative works with Home Owner Associations, Estate Managers, Property and Site Operators, and REITs to provide the best-selling PV (solar), EV, and Energy Storage solutions in the market. The products’ proven track record at the world’s best hotels and most demanding facilities ensures the sustainability and low-cost maintenance that in-turn enables the carbon credit dividends that powers partner schools that our client-partners designate as their chosen beneficiaries.

DeepBlue AI: 24/7/365 Property Mgmt

Our family’s patriarch had a historically-proven lifelong commitment to helping property owners preserve their valued assets to ensure the future of their families. Five generations later, we continue Maximo Viola’s advocacy as well by helping make our society more eco-friendly through the work we do with Renewable Energy (RE) that also enables Social Impact Investments to high-risk children and families.

Managing Director Kyle Virina on how the Viola Clean Energy Initiative develops impact investments to fund the Green Tech Portfolio for design-build programs powering schools and safe spaces with Solar and EV in the Philippines.