Whether at a street food festival in Greenwich Village or a quick lunch-break in the business hubs of Manila, the flavors of grilled meats and meal-on-a-stick is what makes up the culinary journey that brought me to 1 of the BBQ hubs of the world: Texas.
And with Houston now considered as America’s Most Diverse City, I never felt that I had to sacrifice the Filipino-Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean BBQ influences that shapes my creative inspiration.


From large food festivals, corporate popups, and holiday events, Chef Taylor ViriƱa has developed dynamic BBQ productions in the US and Asia.
Filipino Pork BBQ

Modernizing BBQ Menus became a specialization of mine when the last 3 restaurants I was managing needed to directly compete with the powerhouse of Landry’s Inc. and other Texas giants.
Luckily I grew up in Asia and lived off anything grilled and sold on a stick.

My philosophy on BBQ is based on certain “aesthetics” that are heavily inspired by Anthony Bourdain. BBQ almost always is about transforming cheap meat with dynamite flavor, a manic diligence towards the balance of crisp and juiciness, and the ability to EAT IT WITH YOUR HANDS.
From sidewalk stalls in the Philippines to yakitori bars in Tokyo, I brought the frenetic excitement I felt at those locations to the BBQ events and restaurants I would consequently manage on this side of the pond.
Terikayi BBQ Wings
BBQ Texas: The Main Event