The Houston space_ will offer a mix of BBQ flavors in one of the barbecue capitals of the country. From Texas smoked brisket to even Kansas-City style pulled pork sandwiches, the menu combines charred crisp meats with sweet rich sauces to top it off.

Recent space_ initiatives in the local area include work for The Woodlands Resort‘s asset transformation featuring retail popups to bistro and lounge development leveraging Augmented Hospitality modular platforms.

Property Partnerships

Our team utilizes relationships with strategic hotels, resorts, and mixed-use facilities for maximum efficiencies and ROI.

Restaurant Collaboration

We support key restaurants via co-op marketing and cross-selling opportunities for dynamic outreach and local impact.

Tech Platforms

Our Cloud Infrastructure and AI platforms safeguards revenue targets by decreasing cost spillage and creation of new revenue streams.


Distribution and Sales Relationships with the world’s 5 leading service robot manufacturers ensures no workforce related disruptions and enhanced employee-customer safety.

Local Investors

Collaborating with established, experienced local restaurateurs and stakeholders streamlines rapid-to-market goals while leveraging unique area opportunities.

Portfolio Investors

With global brand and investment partners, all space_ initiatives are inherently poised for hyper scalability for maximum ROI in the key market focii.