Prior to joining the US Army, Ron was in property management for Howard Hughes Corp. in Houston, TX. He studied Information Systems with a focus on cybersecurity at the University of Maryland while serving in the 10th Mountain Division Light Infantry. Ron now spearheads Onsite – Online Robotics + Automation Security Systems and is our team lead on AI, RPA, and Cloud Infrastructure integration for transportation centers, hospitality, and organizational clients.

10th Mountain

Fort Drum has been home to the most deployed Army units since 2002 and as such operations for its 15,000 military service members makes the base 1 of the busiest in the US. Initially enlisting to be a cook for the Army, Ron’s interest in technology and engineering pulled him into Fleet Management instead.


As co-founder — with brothers Taylor and Blaze ViriƱa — to GrindGrub, Ron supports the Gaming and Esports portfolio initiatives. Currently ranked in the Top 200 players in the US, Ron leverages his growing community base and individualized standings to #PanofBrothers’ Sports & Entertainment campaigns.

AIoT + Cybersecurity

With his studies at University of Maryland – College Park for Information Science with a keen focus on network and cybersecurity, Ron is the Technology Lead for GrindGrub’s esports and gaming related platforms.

US Army, Sergeant

Ron is now based in Texas managing the Army Reserve Center. He has since expanded his duties to now focus on supervision of the inspection, service, and repair of the Army’s fleet of helicopters and airplanes.

From Band of Brothers to #PanofBrothers

Veteran Focused

Over 60% of active-duty soldiers identify themselves as “gamers”. GrindGrub focuses on developing platforms for military veterans to develop business skills, industry connections, and commercial in-roads to the gaming, esports, and AIoT-AR/VR industries that extends their passion for video games while leveraging their operational expertise.

Military Reserves

As a military leader, Dr Maximo Viola dedicated his post-service life to the betterment of soldiers carving out a life for themselves and their families in San Miguel, Bulacan. Today, we aim to continue that legacy of supporting the women and men leaving active service with job and business opportunities as they continue to service our country as reservists.

/ 2023-24 projects

We’re leveraging our local portfolio of new restaurant openings and property management to introduce pilot initiatives for new AR-VR, AIoT, and Robotics platforms.

By designing a revenue-earning proof of concept (POC) that utilizes brand sponsorships, profit center focused strategic partnerships, and commercially available tech that reduces operational costs and safeguards stream of operations, #PanofBrothers is poised to launch a new breed of onsite-online mobile commerce enterprise.