Dr Maximo Viola’s travelogue writing with national hero, Jose Rizal, on their adventures in Europe chronicled not just the 2 dear friends’ love for exploration but the foundation of our people’s love for Travel + Leisure related content and enterprise. From the Philippines’ world-renowned tourism destinations to Filipinos’ industry-recognized achievements in hospitality, our family shares our passion for hotels, restaurants, and resorts through the work we do with property partners in 3 continents.

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Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Viola Family has been committed to property owners’ ability to ensure productivity and profitability for their families and the local community. La Liga de Proprietarios was founded by Dr Viola to protect the rights of Growers + Producers and we continue that work through the farms we support with our agtech-biotech and property technology partners from Melbourne, Australia; California US; and London UK.

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Spain’s leading hospitality brand MeliĆ” Hotels, Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk, Hyatt House, and Hilton Curio (Houston) are just some of the properties we have worked with through the years on Automation, AI, and Data Monetization programs that transforms underperforming assets into new profit centers.

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Dr Maximo Viola’s work embodied what can be achieved with collaboration whether for publishing, public health, and even to nation building.

Co-op Property Partnerships reduces upfront investments on needed infrastructure.
Co-op Property Partnerships reduces upfront investments on needed infrastructure.

Maximizing local supply chains and transforming dormant assets is mission critical during periods of economic uncertainty.

Executive Chef Taylor on La Liga de Proprietarios and today’s Asset Management – Transformation


Farm Robots and Biotech

Discover the tremendous operational benefits and cost-savings that Cobots and Robotic-Arm driven units can immediately deliver to properties. Combined with the award-winning solutions of California-based biotech firm ACELA, automation and probiotic-driven platforms have the capability to maximize productivity and profitability while increasing protection of the environment.


Digital Twins and Robots

When Servicebots, AGV and AMRs are integrated within the world’s leading eBIM and Cloud Infrastructure platform of London’s ASITE, property owners safeguard ROI and Scalability targets that oftentimes become difficult challenges to overcome without the proper digital transformation strategy and corresponding support infrastructure that our team can provide.


OnDemand Workforce

Any property or facility management initiative will not succeed without the necessary workforce. Reach out to us to learn how J1, Seasonal, PT, and FT workers can be integrated to your various programs through our OnDemand Solutions powered by the most established recruiting, staffing, and training organizations with over 30,000 deplpyments worldwide.

Through Dr Maximo Viola’s innate perspectives on the benefits of collaborative co-ops, numerous initiatives were made possible that otherwise may have never hapened.

Kyle on how Co-ops and Consortium-driven campaigns radically reduces time-to-market and allows for multiple pilots to launch capable of delivering multiple data studies to support the best market fit and scalability strategies.

Reduce Water, Increase Yield

From local to commercial farms, to award-wunning resorts and golf courses, contact us today to learn how to immediately Reduce Water consumption by 50% while Increasing Yield by 33%+.

Reduce Fertilizer, Increase Profit

Our team’s strategic platforms can help property owners Reduce Fertilizers usage by 70% while Increasing Profit by 33-50% as we ensure to maximize environmental stewardship and customer/guest-employee safety.