We’re a Family Office working with General and Limited Partners, PE/VCs in the areas of Clean Energy, Property Technology, AgTech and Mobility.

Our family’s legacy and ongoing work in the property, food, and agricultural space spans over 5 generations. From restaurants to hotels and to today’s Robotics and Renewables initiatives in hospitality and multi-purpose facilities such as stadiums and arenas, shopping malls, and transportation hubs, we work with leading technology partners for sustainable economic development and positive social impact in the markets we are in.

Viola Initiative: Properties and Transforming Data into Actionable Insights
Hospitality Executive Taylor Virina and Travel + Leisure’s Top Hotel Resort for 2023

Even before the pandemic, client sites were already struggling to find needed personnel. Robotics and Automation was and continues to be the needed augmentation to enable continuation of operations.

Learn how our OnDemand Workforce Solutions combines Human Assets with Automation and Clean Technology as a profitable — and scalable — Front of House and Back of House infrastructure model capable of
reducing OPEX by 10%+ while increasing YoY Sales/ Growth by 20%+.

Award-winning Food, Luxury Restaurants and Resorts | Features in Conde Nast and Forbes
Best-Selling Robots, Scalable and Secure Property Technology Platforms

Maximo Viola

125 years ago, our family led by Dr Maximo Viola realized that in order to preserve our country’s future, that we must fight for our freedom despite overwhelming odds. His sister, Bienvenida, along with the rest of their siblings would muster all of the family’s land holdings and resources to help fuel The Philippines’ struggle for independence and economic prosperity.

Bienvenida & Laura Viola

Our grandmother Laura, Bienvenida’s daughter, would follow in her Uncle Maximo’s footsteps when he studied in Europe with national hero Dr Jose Rizal and begin a family in Hong Kong after WWII. She and her own children would become the 1st to settle overseas that would bring our Filipino Family to the US, Canada, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. 

The Viola Initiative

The Viola Initiative is our endeavor to be true to Maximo, Bienvenida, and Laura’s legacy that embodies their love for travel, hospitality, and how property can lead to initiatives worth doing — and sometimes worth fighting for despite challenging odds.

Development + bfg@maximoviola.com

With over 20 years of business development and strategic partnerships experience for Virgin Atlantic and Vacations, Peninsula Hotels, and HiltonHonors as well as market rollouts for proptech initiatives in the US, EMEA, and Asia, Kyle spearheads all asset and portfolio management for our Houston and Manila offices in the clean energy, property, and technology market.

Hospitality + tv@maximoviola.com

Taylor has held Executive Chef, Culinary Administrator, and F&B Director positions for some of the world’s leading hospitality brands — Hilton, Hyatt, Howard Hughes, and most recently The Newes from America/ Faraway Hotel Martha’s Vineyard.

F&B + blaze@maximoviola.com

Blaze is Executive Sous Chef for the 5th Oldest Hotel in the US, and prior to joining Life House Hospitality was Chef de Partie for Curio Collection – Hilton in Houston. Blaze spearheads all FOH-BOH initiatives for our restuarant. hotel, and resort client partners.

The Viola Initiative

Our family has over a 5 generation legacy in Property, Agriculture, and Hospitality. We work with the world’s most recognized brands — Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott — as well as the best-selling Robot, Automation, and Clean Energy firms in the world to help client partners reduce operational costs while increasing sales/ growth specifically designed to help the environment while creating positive social impact in the markets we are in.


  • Brothers Executive Chefs Taylor and Blaze have launched and managed new hotels and restaurants all over the US
  • Educated at New York Film Academy and trained by award-winning chefs from Marina Sands, Tavern on the Green, and Las Vegas MGM
  • The 2 brothers combine an industry recogized culinary portfolio (Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes, Goop TRavel) with cutting-edge technology in service robotics, deliverybots, and clean energy
Property Portfolio and Asset Management
Legacy and Campaigns on CleanTech and OnDemand Workforce

#lovePH and H2-PH

  • Since 2015, Taylor and Blaze have worked with hotel and resort partners to launch Hotel-as-a-Hub and Augmented Hospitality that provide property clients with a recruiting, staffing, and seasonal workforce solutions
  • By 2018, the 2 brothers — in partnership with the US’ largest robotics distributor — began to provide Hilton, Hyatt, and other sites with service robots for FOH and BOH operations
  • As of 2023, we are now able to help client sites power Property Technology, Automation, and Digital Twin projects with a modular Clean Tech (EV, Hydroelectric, FCEV, Solar) business model capable of further reducing OPEX by 10%+

“With over 20 years of launching new technologies with partners such as LG, Philips, Sharp and today’s leading Robotics, CleanTech, and PropTech, we understand how STAFF is the key component for sustainability and scale.”


Kyle Virina on how OnDemand Workforce Solutions provide client partners such as McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, and other restraurants + hotels the needed personnel to effectively launch new tech platforms. Learn how our Automation+BPO+AIoT platforms can support CleanTech, PropTech, and Mobility campaigns.

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