Martha’s Vineyard

Executive Chef Taylor, Spring 2023 | Join him as him and his team opens 2 new restaurants at the historic Kelley House (est. 1742) of Faraway Hotels in Massachusetts


For over 5 generations, our family has focused on property management — agriculture, commercial, and retail (hospitality, travel) — on both sides of the Pacific. Dr Maximo Viola passed on his love of country and exploration to the entire Viola clan, and we continue to strive to represent our family’s passion for developing productive properties with a commitment to the community to this day.


Our Co-op Campaigns introduce (a) OnDemandand Workforce Solutions combined with the necessary (b) Technology and Publishing/Production platforms that allow properties to create new revenue streams from either dormant or underperforming assets.


Our dedicated focus is supporting Property Partnerships to (1) Increase Productivity and (2) Maximizing Revenue Streams while (3) Increasing Asset Safety with keen specializations towards:

• Commercial and Local Farms
• Integrated Resorts and Golf Courses


• Multi-function Facilities (Campuses, Stadiums-Arenas)
• Hospitality, Travel + Leisure sites