Kyle oversees business development and investor-media relations for the organization. With over 20 years experience for Publicis, IPG, FCB Worldwide and various media-tech companies in New York and country management in SE Asia, he integrates strategic partnerships onto proprietary technology for rapid scale and manageable sustainability.



After 9/11, Kyle founded a 20-person management consultancy to develop BPM and NLP platforms that would be sponsored by the CDC, DHHS, DSHS and various venture capital firms to specifically support disaster response and risk mitigation initiatives. Kyle and his team has worked on campaigns for Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, and most recently Harvey as well as epidemics and pandemic response for COVID-SARS, TB, H1N1 and H5N1. In partnership with Sharp USA, Kyle developed Electronic Medical Records and RHIE platforms to address the $100-Billion crisis of payment errors and misdiagnosis (NEJM) by integrating mobile, natural language protocol, and business process management SaaS.


A natural expansion from BPM was the development of RPA – Robotics Process Automation. And in 2018, Kyle and his team began to integrate robotics units to pilots in Asia (Hong Kong, Macau) to now the US and Canada. Robots from 5 of the world’s leading manufacturers and with integration partners in London and Melbourne offers property partners the necessary, cost-saving back-end and front-end operational support that servicebots, deliverybots, automated guided vehicles, and autonomous mobile robots can provide efficiently and securely to help with pandemic response and economic recovery.