OnDemand Staffing

Our property partners are regularly seeking new talent and team members looking for opportunities in the top hotels, resorts, and multi-function properties. Solutions partners include staffing orgs with over 40,000 deployments worldwide as well as technology firms servicing the world’s busiest airports, teansportsyion centers, and hospitality sites.

Contact us today for your property’s recruitment and staffing needs at “rose@hskp360.com” or visit us in social media

Hospitality + Travel

Whether its historic hotels such as Martinique NYC or the South Street Seaport to the newest hotel-resort developments of Hilton, Hyatt, or MeliĆ” (Spain)), our team has the extensive experience needed to ensure guest satisfaction and employee/property safety.

Education + Healthcare Campuses

Premiere property and facilities management partner WCH-NY services dozens of educational campuses. Our team additionally has extensive healthcare campus experience (Univ of Texas Medical Branch, DSHS, CDC) that includes over 12 municipal-state centers in the world’s largest medical hub.


Hotel management and property executive with established portfolio of successful operations and recruitment for:
. Hyatt Regency
. Hyatt House
. MeliĆ” Hotel – NYC
. Golden Nugget Casino Resort
. The Woodlands Resort (Hilton Curio)

J1 Internships + Seasonal

HRM, Culinary, and Engineering Students are welcome to apply and discover opportunities in Europe, Asia, and N America. Applicants need to be currently enrolled or recently graduated from an accredited university.


Whether for restaurants, commercial or retail properties our team has opportunities in various properties in New York or Houston for interested candidates. Contact us today at “rose@hskp360.com” to learn more.


Chefs, Line Cooks, Seasonal Apprentices


Front Desk, Guest Services, Servers

Housekeeping J1s, Interns
Culinary, BOH