Asset Transformation: The Woodlands Resort

Dormant + Underutilized Assets

From Howard Hughes’ hotel properties to restaurants and multi-function facilities, learn more on how Augmented Hospitality platforms powered by AIoT and RaaS engines can transform underperforming assets into revenue earning initiatives.

Increased Revenue and New Profit Centers

With Engagement-as-a-Solution fueling site-centric campaigns, properties are able to utilize Web3 platforms to broaden sales reach and diversifying sourcing options/ revenue channels.

The focus has to be on efficient and reliable technology that enables properties to be less susceptible to market disruptions.

Kyle Virina on the effects of the pandemic and economic drivers towards increased automation, IoT, and robotics.

Medical Centers

Increase site efficiency by 3x as well as rapidly maximize sales and marketing output.

Assisted Living

Increase yield by 30%+ while reducing water and fertilizer requirements by 50%.

Public Health

For over 10 years, commercial, agricultural, and organizational sites have benefited from our OnDemand Sourcing Solutions to safeguard property reliability and resilience as well as overall public health.

Investments in these commercially available technology are proven to yield the increase in revenue sooner than expected with the properties in our portfolio.

Property owners — resorts and hotels, golf courses and family farms, commercial sites and campuses — can see immediate ROI to support scalability.

Houston: Most Diverse City in the US

Site of the fastest growing communities and businesses in the nation, as well as a internationally recognized commercial hub, Space City presents an exciting and dynamic launchpad for local and/or global campaigns for property partners.

The Woodlands TX: #1 City to Live in America