FIBA 2023

From an original 80 national teams to a 32 team tournament for the worldwide championships of the International Basketball Association (FIBA) to be held in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan, this exciting event is a fitting prelude to the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris.
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NBA 2023-23

From Manila to Manhattan, and the world’s largest malls to the planet’s busiest online arenas, our Onsite-Online platforms are specifically designed to enhance and increase our client partners’ community base.
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Stadiums & Arenas

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Community & University Partnerships

From International Apprenticeships to J1 Student Interns at leading hospitality sites, we have the extensive portfolio to support our OnDemand Workforce Solutions in today’s top S&E properties.

PropTech, AIoT and Robotics

Combining AIoT, Service Robotics, Smart/Mesh LED and LCDs with leading proptech engines enables properties and mixed-use facilities the most robust Web3 solution available in the market.

SAMA SAMA GAMES have been the world’s largest all-inclusive beachside tournament bringing together players from across the globe to the award-winning island of Boaracay. Since its inception SSG and its founding organization FundLife International has been recognized and supported by UNICEF, FIFA, Comic Relief (UK), and Beyond Sports (GER) for the tremendous work it has done for children and their families.
PropTech and OnDemand Staffing Solutions
PropTech and OnDemand Staffing Solutions

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