METAMOBILITY in the intersections of EV (Electric Vehicles), Robotics’ AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) technology, and consumers’ increasing push towards the Automotive industry to meet market demand is the portfolio focus in which we are expanding our work with robot manufacturers.


Channel Sales and Distribution Networks | are prime vehicles for EV and AGV manufacturers to effectively and rapidly enter the US and overseas markets. Our extensive portfolio developing sales and launch platforms for robotics and technology clients for the past 20 years are synergistic solutions for brands and customers alike.


Co-op Marketing, Branded Activations, and Community Outreach | campaigns we have developed have benefitted product launches for the world’s top brands — Philips, LG, Sharp alongside Mitsubishi and Mercedes Benz — with our Hotel-as-a-Hub and Augmented Hospitality programming bringing together CEO Circle and Entrepreneur Networks in 3 continents.

Our passion and individual drive to work with the world’s most exciting automotive brands the past 10 years in Asia, MENA, and North America led us to developing this fulcrum where EV, Robotics, and the Automotive industries can truly push the Metamobility Movement for today’s reality.

Pauline on her work with Mercedes, Jeep, and Mitsubishi led her to spearhead the Viola Initiative’s AGV Portfolio


Campus Collabs | with education, health care – public health, and corporate clients in over 30 schools in the US alone. Contact “” to learn more of our Fleet Launch initiatives.


Property Partnerships | with facilities, multi-function, and commercial clients are proven campaign-driven strategies to launch new products in the markets we service. To learn more, visit


Travel + Leisure is a significant theme of the Viola Initiative if we’re to be successful in preserving the legacy borne in that serendipitous journey.

Kyle on new product launches and market entry strategies that focuses on segments related to the Viola Family’s key interests and generational involvement on both sides of the Pacific.

KYLE VIRINA was previously Country Manager for TheNewsMarket that manages long-term automotive clients Lamborghini, Genesis, SEAT, and Volta Trucks. Prior to his work with TNM, he also handled Mitsubishi (Hakuhodo) and the award-winning campaign for Jeep Cherokee (Bozell).

University Campuses

Our extensive work with over 30 colleges and universities are ideal pilot sites for EV, AGV initiatives.

Integrated Resorts & Casinos

From Golden Nugget Casino to Hilton Curio’s The Woodlands Resort, our Prop Mgmt relationships provides a base.

Golf Courses

Award-winning championship courses such as Disney Attractions GC, Pebble Beach, and Dubai Golf are some of the sites.

Corporate Parks

Our eBIM and Digital Engineering partners currently services over 50 hotels, 10 transportation centers, and 7 corp parks.

Multi-function Facilities

From the world’s busiest airports to the largest shopping centers in the planet, contact us at “” to discover Augmented Hospitality and EV Partnerships’ tremendous opportunities for Metamobility.

US Army Sergeant – Wheeled Vehicles Fleet Mgmt


Automotive Tech & PdM: US Army, Sergeant – Fleet Management
Cybersecurity & IS: Univ of Maryland

Technology Exchange for Lamborghini, Ford, and various automotive brands


Lamborghini: Media and Business Development
SEAT: Business Development, Strategic Planning


Mercedes Benz, Daimler Chrysler: Sales
Mitsubishi, Jeep: Territory Management