Serving Country

Dr. Maximo Viola was a Freedom Fighter for his country’s War for Independence. From serving in the military to developing and managing disaster recovery campaigns, the Viola Family in various parts of the world preserves his legacy through their efforts in service, enterprise, and community.

Serving Others

Dr. Viola advocated land owners and farmers’ rights throughout the occupation of foreign forces and colonial government. He founded La Liga de Proprietos to ensure farmers’ lands and interests were protected in Bulacan and his descendants continue his advocacy to this day.


When Anthony Bourdain gave Taylor some career advice after studying at New York Film Academy, he then joined iconic brand Howard Hughes (Westin Hotel, Seaport NYC) award-winning culinary team. Taylor is presently spearheading development for 2 global hotel brands for 2 new restaurant initiatives at The Woodlands — 1 of the strongest economies in the US. |


Prior to the US Army, Ron was in hospitality and barista-baker for Starbucks, Auntie Anne’s, and The Woodlands Resort. For the US 10th Battalion at Fort Drum, as well as at Univ of Maryland, Ron’s information and AGV systems focus enhances #PanofBrother’s property-centric solutions through autonomous technology and manages Customer Onboarding & Success. |


From Cook to Restaurant Manager, Blaze has produced and managed culinary and event popups in Houston for Hilton and some of its most popular restaurants from appearances at the Wine & Food Festival at Market Street to installations at corporate parks at US’ Most Diverse City. Blaze manages family investments in our Sports & Lifestyle portfolio as well. |

BRAND ASSET TRANSFORMATION | Our family’s long history of travel and involvement in the hospitality industry continues to this day. We have worked with Marriott, Intercontinental, Hilton, and Hyatt hotels worldwide and are now introducing popups and kitchen takeovers in the Sports & Entertainment space.

From Walmart Robots to Cloud Kitchens in today’s Metaverse, our society will continue to see increased cross-segmentation within industries unlike any other period the last 100 years.

Digital Twins and Smart Mesh technology

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4D FARMING | AGRITECH, ROBOTICS + AUTOMATION through our Maximo Viola Initiative leverages our family’s work with the world’s leading robotics and drone manufacturers. Through the BOXPODS platform, we help growers and stakeholders increase yield, lower water and fertilizer usage, and strengthen food supply chains.

Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs) and Robotics are now the family’s focused portfolio for social outreach and impact campaigns.

The Viola Initiative is leveraging proprietary Predictive and Prescriptive AI in the rollouts of STEM campaigns that our family’s patriarch embodied in his educational pursuits for himself and his community.

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FOOD + COMMUNITY | In collaboration with hotel, resort, and restaurant partners, our family introduces culinary and technology platforms that not only support economic recovery during this COVID-19 pandemic, we also aim to develop a parallel social impact campaign underwritten by the revenue derived from these co-op efforts.

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