BRAND ASSET TRANSFORMATION | Our family’s long history of travel and involvement in the hospitality industry continues to this day. We have worked with Marriott, Intercontinental, Hilton, and Hyatt hotels worldwide and are now introducing popups and kitchen takeovers leveraging the benefits of robots, smart mesh and edge technology, and proprietary artificial intelligence (mv, nlp, and rpa).


Service Robots . AGV/AMR . Cobots

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Dr Maximo’s sister Bienvenida imparted a love for the food business to our family that would last over 4 generations. From Front-of-House to BOH infrastructure, my grandmother’s legacy continues in our work with hotels, restaurants, and producers in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

Kyle Virina is a Business Development and Media-Tech executive with over 20 years of enterprise solutions leadership as CGO, Country Manager, and Product Lead on both sides of the Pacific.




The Viola Initiative introduces new technology (AGV, AMR, and Cobots) in collaboration with manufacturers, distributors, and agency partners specifically designed to also create sustainable micro-enterprises to support under-represented segments of our society.

Kyle Virina on how Automated Ground Vehicles, Autonomous Mobile Robots, and Collaborative Robots can generate revenue streams for organizational partners for positive social impact.