The daughter of Bienvenida Viola, Laura would become the family’s 1st professional cook.

Through our extensive portfolio of resorts, restaurants, and hospitality clients, we also support growers’ and producers’ efforts to increase sales and distribution networks. Our Hotel-as-a-Hub delivers a tremendous sales channel for local farms while helping local supply chains flourish.
Acela and the biotech team of Dr Vinh Nguyen is leading the world’s efforts in probiotics research. Acela Biotek develops microbial technologies to solve some of the most difficult problems facing the world today: how to eradicate global hunger and poverty, how to stop and reverse our negative impacts on the environment, and how to better conserve and treat our water. Its flagship technology creates a superior soil environment, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, increasing yields, and revitalizing soil – improving the health of plants and our ecosystem.


Probiotic Solutions, Organic Friendly

Farm Robots, Drones, AGV enable farmers-grower producers to dramatically reduce water and fertilizer use while increasing yield.


AIoT, Smart Properties and MESH Technology

Digital Twins, Predictive AI helps properties leverage predictive analytics and prescriptive artificial intelligence to safeguard assets.

The Viola Family has been intimately involved in rice harvest, production, distribution for over 5 generations. Contact us to learn more of our Farm-to-Table, Organic, and AgriTech initiatives.

Executive Chef Taylor Burr Virina
Our Property Management – PropTech platforms serve as the foundational launchpad to Asset Transformation initiatives as we have done for Howard Hughes, Integrated Resorts, and Multi-function Facilities. Whether for championship golf courses or to help growers and producers, we enable our property partners with the necessary OnDemand Solutions to decrease operational costs while increasing revenue and profitability.


With our N American operations based in the gateway city and tourism favorite (#1 Overseas Travel Market for Americans), our campaigns are designed to bring awareness to the historical relevance of Nuevas Pilipinas and the impact of Texas-Mexico markets on the Philippines.


From Madrid to Manhattan, our Philippine Chamber of Commerce and organizational partnerships serve as a fulcrum to supporting distribution initiatives utilizing PHL retail businesses and corporate networks.

Asset Transformation initiatives requires adequate resources and a comprehensive rollout strategy to safeguard campaign success. Our Co-Op model leverages agtech, proptech, and data stakeholder relationships to elicit the needed foundation.

The Viola Family Initiative maximizes working relationships with property, data, and market participants to (1) secure supply, while (2) creating and onboarding demand.