Serving the Country, Serving the People.

The Viola Initiative aims to preserve the legacy of the Viola Family in the areas of serving the community; advocacy of public health, safety, and economic empowerment especially for under-represented segments; and supporting today’s youth in their endeavors in the fields of science, writing, and design — 3 key points of focus of Dr Maximo Viola.

New Technology utilizing Youth Culture oriented campaigns to help transform brand assets that are dormant or under-utilized.

We collaborate with property partners in Sports & Entertainment specifically on the hospitality, restaurant, and property side as key areas of the Viola Initiative. Through technology companies in London and Melbourne along with Asian robot manufacturers (Hyundai Robotics, Doosan, Pudu, iBEN), we leverage the value of data to create sustainable revenue streams to support pandemic recovery.

Maximo Viola

As a student leader in medical school in Spain, Viola was active in the Propagandist Movement that was aiming to bring about representation for Filipinos in Spain’s colonial government. This advocacy would lead to support for the War of Independence and the consequent US-Philippine War. After he was released as a political prisoner by American occupying forces, Dr Viola founded La Liga de Proprietos supporting farmers and landowner’s rights during the rule of the US colonial government.

The Viola Initiative

Our family’s long history of travel and involvement in the hospitality industry continues to this day. We have worked with Marriott, Intercontinental, Hilton, and Hyatt hotels worldwide and are now introducing popups and kitchen takeovers in the Sports & Entertainment space. Each campaign is specifically designed to support micro-enterprises and cause-related organizations in the fields that Dr Viola and family members have been involved in for over 5 generations.